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Talk to robots

This is a call for all Knowledge Makers and robot-lovers!! We will run a ROS-workshop with the goal of introducing those who are interested in developing robot-integrated applications. The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a flexible framework for writing robot software. It consists of a collection of tools, libraries, and conventions aiming at simplifying […]

3D Printing Workshop: what do you need to know

Here you can find all the resources needed for our workshop You didn’t manage to register? Down here, you will be able to see the live streaming of the workshop so you won’t lose anything. The live stream will start approximately 5 minutes prior to the start of the workshop, you may need to refresh […]

Retro Gaming Dream machine

Today we just tested a wonderful arcade emulator running on a Raspberry Pi. Putting the picture here, nothing else to say: (this amazing machine will be at Knowledge Makers v4.0 at the end of June)

Knowledge Makers 3.0 – the most successful meeting yet :)

More than 50 people joined us in this amazing event. We had lots of old and new entries, from the Origami spotlight session to cupcake decoration to nail polish stencil to a musical keyboard and lots more! Have a look at the photos we took, and join us for the next one!

3D Printing workshop

Join us in this workshop where we will make 3D things come out of a 3D printer.     Loading…