The Open University

Are you game?

Welcome to the hunt. All you need to do is unlock the treasure chest to claim your prize!

At each stage of the puzzle, you will find a numerical answer – write these down, you will need them all to calculate the final solution.

All the answers can be found within the Library itself – you do not need to go outside!

We are running a Very Maker Christmas at the Library this Thursday from 12.00 to 14.00.

  1. Elaine, Rod and Susan all branched out in the same year. When was it?
  2. Let’s take your first answer and make a point. Now, Melvil will help you find your way. Follow him and find a Revolution.
  3. Revolution!… But at what cost?
  4. People keep diaries. Libraries keep journals. Find the very first ACTA CRYSTOLLAGRAPHICA. What was ABONA et al.’s ‘B’ number?
  5. Come back down to Earth now. There’s some actual OU history – in case you’ll need to look. In which year did D303 begin?

Take the answers from above and fill the boxes below (ignore any decimal points)!.

PS: remove 360 from the final solution 🙂